Rules and Regulations Governing the Bar

The Virginia State Bar’s authority is found in, e.g.: Virginia Code Section 54.1-3909, the Supreme Court of Virginia's authority to promulgate rules and regulations regarding the practice of law; Virginia Code Section 54.1-3910, establishing the Virginia State Bar as an administrative agency of the Court for professional regulation; and the Rules of Court Part 6, Section IV, paragraph 9, which dictate the organization and government of the Virginia State Bar. The most recent version of the mission statement was approved by Bar Council on October 25, 2019. The full Supreme Court of Virginia Rules of Court is available as a PDF on the Court's website.

Rules of Supreme Court of Virginia

Part One. General Rules Applicable to All Proceedings

Appendix of Forms

Part One A. Foreign Attorneys

Part Two. Virginia Rules of Evidence

Part Two A. Appeals Pursuant to the Administrative Process Act

Part Three. Practice and Procedures in Civil Actions

Part Three A. Criminal Practice and Procedures

Appendix of Forms

Part Three B. Traffic Infractions and Uniform Fine Schedule

Part Three C. Non-Traffic Prepayable Offenses and Uniform Fine Schedule

Part Three D. [Repealed]

Part Four. Pretrial Procedures, Dispositions and Production at Trial

Part Five. The Supreme Court

Appendix of Forms

Part Five A. The Court of Appeals

Appendix of Forms

Part Seven A. General District Courts – In General

Part Seven B. General District Courts – Civil

Part Seven C. General District Courts – Criminal and Traffic

Part Eight. Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts

Part Nine. Judicial Performance Evaluation

Part Ten. Provision of Legal Services Following Determination of Major Disaster

Appendix of Forms

Part Eleven. Access to Judicial Records