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Plenary —Attorneys who are marked with the type of plenary make up the majority of the VSB. They are full, complete, practicing, and active members of the VSB. 

AssociateAttorneys who are marked with the type of associate are considered non-practicing lawyers.

Not in good standing (NGS) —Attorneys are placed in NGS status when their licenses are administratively suspended or when they are suspended or revoked for disciplinary reasons.

In good standing (IGS) —Plenary attorneys with IGS status are permitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

To confirm that a person is eligible to practice law in Virginia, contact the VSB Membership Department at (804) 775-0530 or [email protected]. To learn more about member types and classes see Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia Part Six, Section IV, Paragraphs 3. Classes of Membership.

Malpractice Insurance

Each active member of the Virginia State Bar is required to certify annually whether he or she is engaged in the private practice of law and represents clients. Each also is required to certify whether he or she has malpractice insurance.

Lawyer Disciplinary Actions

If a lawyer is listed as having public discipline in the Virginia Lawyer Search you can search their name and their record will show if the discipline took place after January 1, 2022. For older disciplinary actions please visit the Disciplinary System Actions page and use the Legacy Disciplinary Actions search function at the bottom of the page.