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048.pdfUPL Opinion No. 48. Activities of a Layman Inmate in a Correctional Facility, on Behalf of Fellow Inmates in Pending Civil Litigation / Fellow Inmate Representation, Correctional Facilities, Access to Courts048.pdf
049.pdfUPL Opinion No. 49. Preparation of Deed of Trust by Bank Personnel; Bank House Counsel as Trustee / Preparation by Bank, Trustee to Deed, Bank Counsel049.pdf
050.pdfUPL Opinion No. 50. Voluntary Association of Churches Providing Funding for Secretarial Expenses / Gratuitous Legal Services, Shared Secretarial Expense050.pdf
051.pdfUPL Opinion No. 51. Preparation and Filing by Collection Agency of Statements of Account, Affidavits and Memorandum for Civil Warrants051.pdf
052.pdfUPL Opinion No. 52. Practice Before the Federal Communications Commission / Federal Regulatory Agency, Foreign Attorneys, Partnership, Limited Practice052.pdf
053.pdfUPL Opinion No. 53. Lay Employees Obtaining Warrants and Testifying in Court / Appearing Before Judicial Tribunal, Preparing and Filing, Presentation of Legal Conclusions, Employers/Officer of Corporation053.pdf
054.pdfUPL Opinion No. 54. Officer of Corporation Preparing and Filing Debtor Interrogatories and Garnishment Summonses / Appearing Before Judicial Tribunal, Preparation and Filing, Legal Conclusions and Skills, Application for Summons, Objectives054.pdf
055.pdfUPL Opinion No. 55. Immigration Law / Immigration Practice, Federal Regulatory Agency, Foreign Attorneys, Letterhead055.pdf
056.pdfUPL Opinion No. 56. Sale of a "Living Will" Form / Marketing in Selling, Sale of Legal Documents056.pdf
057.pdfUPL Opinion No. 57. Employment by Financial Corporation of Lawyers to Provide Legal Services / Financial Advice, Practice of Law Definition057.pdf