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VSB Seeks Comment on Rule Prohibiting Agreements Discouraging Bar Complaints

Posted on 5/19/2023
The Virginia State Bar is seeking public comment on a proposed amendment to Rule 8.4 adding a new paragraph (f).


VSB Seeks Comment on Changes to Bylaws

Posted on 4/28/2023
The Virginia State Bar seeks public comment on proposed amendments to the bylaws of the Virginia State Bar and the Virginia State Bar Council.


Comments Sought on Rules of Court Regarding Preliminary Injunctions

Posted on 4/25/2023
On April 25, 2023, the Advisory Committee on Rules of Court in Virginia issued a call for public comment on proposed Rule 3:26: Preliminary Injunctions—Standard for Granting.


Paragraph 13.1, 13-16.BB, 13-18.O, 13-20, 13-25, and 13-29 Three Judge Panel Demands

Posted on 4/19/2023
The VSB seeks public comment on proposed amendments to Paragraph 13 which add a specific mechanism for Respondents to demand three-judge panels at 13-16.BB, 13-18.O, 13-20, 13-25, and 13-29, and clarifies related definitions in Paragraph 13-1.

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