Annual Regulatory Compliance

A separate agency, the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners initially licenses Virginia lawyers through administration of the bar exam or processing out-of-state requests for admission through reciprocity. Once licensed, all Virginia lawyers must register and maintain their license to practice law with the Virginia State Bar. 

To maintain their license, Virginia lawyers must:

  • Adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Pay all annual dues and fees by July 31. See compliance deadlines calendar below for additional deadlines and information.
  • Maintain an address of record, email of record, contact information, and other information required during the annual dues renewal.
  • And Active and Emeritus lawyers must complete the annual MCLE requirement by October 31. CLE hours must be reported no later than 4:45 p.m. EST December 15. See compliance deadlines calendar below for additional deadlines and information.

Lawyers must also register their legal business entities with the Virginia State Bar, and a lawyer seeking to act as a Real Estate Settlement Agent must register with the Bar. 

Failure to meet these obligations will result in delinquency fees, possible administrative suspension, and disciplinary action pursuant to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Part 6, Section IV.

Annual Dues and Fees Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Compliance Deadlines

Pursuant to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Organization and Government for the Virginia State Bar (Part Six, Section IV, Paragraphs 11, 13.1, 13.2, 16, 17, 18 and 19), attorneys must comply annually with the following deadlines in order to remain lawyers in good standing of the Virginia State Bar.

The Regulatory Compliance Department sends mail and email communications to attorneys’ addresses and emails of record. The notices described below are mailed, however, information regarding annual compliance requirements may also be included in the monthly VSB News emails, Virginia Lawyer magazine, and in the VSB Portal.

Note that the VSB hours are from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. EST. All annual compliance requirements must be received by close of business.

Annual Dues Requirement

All licensed Virginia lawyers have some annual obligation that must be met.

NOTE: This is a separate obligation from the annual MCLE requirement.

Mid-June A reminder postcard will be mailed in 2024 to pay online. Dues statements will not be sent by mail. Reminder to include:
Annual Dues Payment (Paragraph 11)
Clients’ Protection Fund (CPF) Fee (Paragraph 16)
Attorney Wellness Fund Fee (Paragraph 23)
Professional Liability Certification (Paragraph 18)
July 31 Deadline to remit required fees and information for annual dues.
Early August Past Due Annual Dues Notices mailed. Delinquency fees assessed for non-compliance with each of the four Rules of Court, above ($25 each) by July 31.
Early October Administrative Suspensions for failure to pay annual dues, Wellness fee, CPF fee and/or certify professional liability insurance (Paragraph 19); Reinstatement fees assessed for each Rule of Court suspension ($75 each).

Annual MCLE Requirement

Only Active and Emeritus attorneys have an annual MCLE obligation.

NOTE: This is a separate obligation from the annual dues requirement.

October 31 Annual MCLE Requirement must be completed (Paragraph 17(C)& 13.2). $100 Non-compliance fee assessed for lawyers who have not completed the minimum number of required hours.
Early November MCLE Form 1 End of Year Reports mailed. Mailed to all attorneys with an MCLE requirement. Displays transcript of year ending October 31 and includes instructions for reviewing record, reporting hours for courses pending approval, and seeking credit for non-approved courses.
December 15 All hours from courses completed during the cycle ending October 31 must be reported (Paragraphs 17(D) and 13.2). $100 Late Filing fee assessed for lawyers who do not comply with this requirement.
Early January 60-Day Notice of Impending MCLE Suspension mailed. Mailed to attorneys still delinquent in hours or who owe MCLE delinquency fees. Advises of payment and reporting requirements and suspension deadline.
February 1 $100 Additional Late Filing fee for lawyers who have not complied with the reporting requirement by this date.
Early to Mid-March Administrative suspension of lawyers for failure to complete the MCLE requirement and/or pay MCLE delinquency fees (Paragraphs 13.2 and 19). $250 Reinstatement fee assessed plus an additional $50 fee for each subsequent suspension (not to exceed $500).