Annual Dues and Fees

Dues statements will not be mailed in 2024. Annual dues reminder postcards were sent on May 2, 2024. Sign in to update your email address of record in the portal to receive news from the VSB. The deadline for payment is July 31. Notify the VSB Membership Department ahead of the July 31 dues deadline if you wish to change your membership class. Lawyers failing to complete annual dues requirements will be administratively suspended. Dues can be paid online at the VSB Portal (including late fees, if applicable) between mid-June and mid-December.

Dues requirements by membership class:

Classes Annual Dues Clients' Protection Fund Attorney Wellness Fund
Active $250 $5 $30
Associate $125
Emeritus $0
Judicial $0
Retired $0
Disabled $0
*see classes of membership as fully defined by the rules

What is in your annual dues renewal?

Your annual dues renewal will offer you convenient ways to update your status with the VSB, edit your section membership, pay your dues, certify your insurance, and report pro bono hours.

Membership class change

The easiest way to change your membership class is when you pay your dues online. Learn more about membership class options. 

Voluntary section membership

Using the chart included on the dues form you can add or remove your membership from VSB Sections.

Mandatory certification of professional liability

Active lawyers must also complete a mandatory certification regarding professional liability insurance. Use this certification form to change your certification mid-year.

Voluntary pro bono reporting

Both active and associate members are requested to voluntarily supply information regarding pro bono service and financial contributions. See Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 22 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia.  

Email verification

As required by Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 3 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia--all members must provide an email of record.  

IOLTA requirement

Pursuant to Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 20 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Active Members of the VSB must certify compliance. Learn more.  

Address and Email of Record Requirements

Virginia lawyers must maintain an address and email address of record with the bar. Log in to update your contact information online or use the form to mail or email your changes (pdf).

NOTE: Virginia Corporate Counsel, Corporate Counsel Registrants, Military Legal Assistance Attorneys, and Foreign Legal Consultants cannot edit their information online. Please submit your updates via the form.

Service Members Civil Relief Act

Active duty Virginia lawyers stationed outside of the Commonwealth in a combat zone may be able to seek relief from annual dues and fees under this act by providing a copy of their orders to the VSB. Please contact the Regulatory Compliance Department at (804) 775-0530 or [email protected] for specific requirements.

Statement on Authority

Authority for the VSB’s Annual Dues, Clients’ Protection Fund fee, and Attorney Wellness Fund fee is found in Part 6, Section IV, Rules of Supreme Court of Virginia and the Virginia Code, Title 54.1, Chapter 39, Article 2. Failure to meet these obligations by July 31 will result in accrual of delinquency fees and possible administrative suspension pursuant to Paragraph 19 of the Rules of Court. According to § 54.1-3914 of the Code of Virginia any attorney who fails for two successive years to pay the annual fees shall forfeit his or her license to practice law in the Commonwealth.