Budget and Finance Committee

The Standing Committee on Budget and Finance works with Virginia State Bar staff to develop the VSB’s annual budget and present it to the Executive Committee and Council for approval. The Supreme Court of Virginia approves the budget. The committee reviews and makes recommendations with respect to the VSB’s appropriation requests prior to their submission to the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Planning and Budget. The committee also assesses and makes recommendations to the VSB Executive Committee and Council regarding other budget matters, including personnel issues that are directly related to the budget. The committee’s work may include other specific assignments or requests in its general area of responsibility from VSB officers, the Executive Committee or Council.

Committee members are appointed by the VSB president, and are comprised of 3 members of the VSB Executive Committee and 3 separate VSB Council Members. The president-elect is an ex-officio member. Members serve 3-year terms and may not serve more than two consecutive 3-year terms. Volunteers are solicited in the fall in Virginia Lawyer magazine, in emails, and online; applications are due in February. Applicants send a brief résumé and fill out a committee preference form.  

Upcoming meetings may be found on the Calendar and are subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. Agendas and call in numbers will be provided on the meeting entry on the Calendar. 

Full NamePositionAddress of RecordTerm StartTerm End
Marni Elaine ByrumChair34 E Maple St Alexandria, VA 22301 UNITED STATES7/1/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/BFC:39429:31648BYRUM, MARNI
Kyung Nam DickersonExecutive Committee1934 Old Gallows Road Fourth Floor Tysons, VA 22182 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2024COMMITTEE/BFC:62172:3845876DICKERSON, KYUNG
Plato George Eliades, IIBar CouncilThe Eliades Law Firm, P.L.L.C. 14000 N Enon Church Rd Chester, VA 23836 UNITED STATES7/1/20226/30/2024COMMITTEE/BFC:56854:3456316ELIADES, PLATO
Veronica Elaine MeadeExecutive CommitteeV. Meade Law, PLLC 1100 Exploration Way Suite 302-V Hampton, VA 23666 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2024COMMITTEE/BFC:68806:3845858MEADE, VERONICA
Lonnie Dayton Nunley, IIIBar CouncilHunton Andrews Kurth LLP 951 East Byrd Street Richmond, VA 23219-4074 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2024COMMITTEE/BFC:45058:3845885NUNLEY, LONNIE
Nicole Elise UpshurBar Council3817 Kyndles Way Virginia Beach, VA 23456 UNITED STATES7/1/20226/30/2025COMMITTEE/BFC:65923:3845931UPSHUR, NICOLE
Edgar M. Wright, Jr.Executive CommitteePO Box 200 Buckingham, VA 23921-0200 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2024COMMITTEE/BFC:34795:3846210WRIGHT, EDGAR
Michael MacKager YorkEx-OfficioWehner & York, P.C. 11860 Sunrise Valley Dr Ste 100 Reston, VA 20191 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2026COMMITTEE/BFC:62922:3845879YORK, MICHAEL
Kristopher Richard McClellanMember at LargeOffice of the City Attorney 810 Union St Ste 900 Norfolk, VA 23510 UNITED STATES7/1/20226/30/2025COMMITTEE/BFC:87887:3456566MCCLELLAN, KRISTOPHER
Nancy Marie ReedMember at LargeReed & Reed, P.C. PO Box 766 Luray, VA 22835 UNITED STATES7/1/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/BFC:44032:36036REED, NANCY
Crystal T. HendrickLiaisonVirginia State Bar 1111 E Main St Ste 700 Richmond, VA 23219-0026 UNITED STATES  COMMITTEE/BFC:91695:37932HENDRICK, CRYSTAL
Shawne MooreCommittee AdministratorVirginia State Bar 1111 E Main St 700 RICHMOND, VA 23219 UNITED STATES  COMMITTEE/BFC:99415:3797985MOORE, SHAWNE