Practice Tips Series

The Practice Tips Series is an online resource of articles for new lawyers and covers both substantive and practical aspects of legal practice. Check out the most recent articles below:

Complying with the Automatic Stay

Posted on 4/9/2024
Immediately after filing a bankruptcy petition, debtors are provided one of the most robust and vital protections under the Bankruptcy Code: the automatic stay.

Call for Young Lawyers to Join their Practice Area Sections

Posted on 11/10/2021
I invite a young lawyer to consider this $20.00 monetary value as one important business lunch cost that can take the young attorney a long way towards further success.

Ending on a Good Note

Posted on 11/10/2021
Have you ever considered sending a letter when the tasks set forth in your engagement letter are completed and, therefore, your representation has concluded?

Expert Engagement Tips

Posted on 6/23/2021
In my experience, young attorneys are often responsible for managing experts. This can be a large responsibility.

So There’s Going to be an Appeal?

Posted on 2/26/2021
The COVID-19 pandemic brought on many new challenges for lawyers, judges, and courtroom staff. One challenge in particular was mastering the art of videoconferencing.

Taking On Your First Pro Bono Case

Posted on 2/26/2021
Many younger attorneys are interested in taking on pro bono work, but are not sure how to get started or worry that they are not qualified.

You Posted What? Practical Guidance on Advising Your Clients on Social Media Usage

Posted on 12/1/2020
Do not ignore the fact that your clients likely use multiple social media platforms. Try to have at least a working knowledge of the various platforms.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Being an Advocate for Your Client

Posted on 11/30/2020
Often a question that criminal attorneys receive from others outside of the profession is “How can you defend someone who is a criminal?”