Lobbying: Changing the Law to Suit Your Needs

Posted on 12/2/2022
Far too often attorneys resign themselves to the supposition that they must work within the confines of existing law. We presume that the law of the land is static and immovable.

We Asked Our Volunteers: Why Did You Get Involved in the YLC?

Posted on 12/2/2022
Check out the following testimonials from volunteers in the YLC! Interested in volunteering? Read the “Getting Involved” page on the YLC website and fill out the interest form.

Reflection on the 2022 Annual Bench-Bar Dinner

Posted on 10/26/2022
On Thursday, October 13, 2022, the Virginia State Bar’s Young Lawyers Conference hosted their annual Celebration of Women & Minorities in the Legal Profession Bench Bar Dinner at the University of Mary Washington.

The Untraditional Route to Becoming a Traditional Attorney

Posted on 10/14/2022
Growing up, I believed that the pathway to success was linear. I thought that after college and graduate school that life would suddenly become easier, and that all roads would lead to happiness and completion. I was completely wrong.

Young Lawyers Conference Leadership Institute

Posted on 9/21/2022
The Annual Young Lawyers Conference Leadership Institute took place this past weekend in Richmond welcoming new and returning volunteers of the YLC to an informative and hospitable weekend.

You’re Not Alone: Finding a Mentor

Posted on 6/30/2022
You are given your first assignments, which may or may not come with the level of supervision and collaboration you are accustomed to as a law student or unlicensed clerk. Suddenly, you are flooded with the thought — I have no idea what I am doing.

Imposter Syndrome: What Young Lawyers Can Learn From Depp v. Heard

Posted on 5/18/2022
Imposter Syndrome has been known to plague us all, to some extent. Surveys have shown that 70% of the population struggle with Imposter Syndrome.

Legacy Contacts

Posted on 5/11/2022
As online accounts play a bigger and bigger role in everyday society, some of the biggest players in digital data have provided a feature for the winding up or monitoring of an account at the time of a person’s passing – legacy contacts.

Looking to Volunteer? Consider the YLC

Posted on 3/14/2022
To continue our mission, we need you! Nominate yourself or a colleague for our YLC awards and to serve on the YLC Board of Governors.

Happy Lawyering

Posted on 3/3/2022
All jobs have their ups and downs, but us lawyers have it particularly hard. But fret not – following a few simple tips in your work- and home-life can help you turn up the happy knob.