Disciplinary System Action Summary

November 1, 2023

Dale Reese Jensen

606 Bull Run
Staunton, VA 24401

Circuit Court No.: CL23000342-00
VSB Docket Nos.: 22-080-124753, 22-080-125016, 22-080-125134, 22-080-125221, 22-080-125485, 22-080-125496, 22-080-125529, 23-080-126976

Effective October 26, 2023, the Circuit Court for the City of Staunton revoked Dale Reese Jensen’s privilege to practice law in the Commonwealth for violating professional rules that govern competence, scope of representation, diligence, communication, fees, safekeeping property, declining or terminating representation, responsibilities regarding nonlawyer assistants, bar admission and disciplinary matters, and misconduct.

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*On November 16, 2023, Mr. Jensen filed a notice of appeal.

**On December 18, 2023, Mr. Jensen filed a petition for stay of execution of revocation of license.

**On January 8, 2024, the Supreme Court of Virginia denied Mr. Jensen’s petition for stay of execution.