Disciplinary System Action Summary

August 16, 2023

Christopher Louis Contreras

Contreras Law PLC
4250 Fairfax Drive, 6th Floor
Arlington, VA 22203

VSB Docket Nos.: 23-042-127395, 23-042-127424, 23-042-127768, 23-042-126886 & 23-042-127699

By Order entered August 14, 2023 and effective August 25, 2023, the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board revoked Christopher Louis Contreras’s license to practice law in the Commonwealth based on his affidavit consenting to the revocation. By tendering his consent to revocation at a time when a disciplinary complaint, Investigation, or Proceeding is pending, Contreras acknowledges that the material facts upon which the disciplinary complaint, Investigation, or Proceeding are predicated are true.

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