April 2, 2024

VSB to Offer Bulk Dues Payments for Larger Law Firms and Organizations

The Virginia State Bar is now offering group billing to allow firms and other organizations that employ 10 or more attorneys to more easily pay their attorneys’ license fees. Group billing automates the tracking, calculation, and processing of renewal payments and consolidates all their attorneys’ fees for the organization.

Group billing enrollment will be May 1 through June 3, 2024.

During attorney license renewal (which begins June 24, 2024), individual attorneys will continue to complete their annual regulatory requirements online. For organizations using group billing, a group administrator can view the amounts due for multiple attorneys and pay the total license fee amount—without having to collect and send individual remittance documents for each attorney. Payments will be accepted via ACH and credit card.

Group billing also helps participants avoid calculation errors and monitor their attorneys’ renewal status.

More information will be shared by May 1.