August 29, 2023

Volunteers Sought for Medical Malpractice Review Panels

Volunteer lawyers are needed to serve on Medical Malpractice Review Panels (MMRPs). All appointments will be for the terms specified.

There are three lawyer vacancies with terms available immediately, and six lawyer vacancies available July 1, 2024, as of August 29. We anticipate additional vacancies, and as they become available, future vacancies during the fiscal year will be filled by this applicant pool.

To be qualified to serve on MMRPs, a lawyer must be: (1) impartial, (2) an active in-good-standing member of the VSB, and (3) actively practicing.

Members will serve a 3-year term beginning immediately or on July 1, 2024. Terms are staggered with one-third of the members to be rotated off each year. Further information on the MMRP process can be found at Va. Code § 8.01-581.3. The Medical Malpractice Rules of Practice can be found in Volume 11 of the Code and online.

Lawyers who are interested in serving should submit a letter of interest and a resume to: Cameron M. Rountree, Executive Director, Virginia State Bar at [email protected] by November 14, 2023.

If you have questions, please direct them to [email protected].

VSB seeks balance and diversity in committee membership, not only in race and gender, but in geography, the types of practice areas in which lawyers are engaged, and the settings in which lawyers practice (e.g., solos to corporate counsel, prosecutors to defense).