April 24, 2023

VSB Council Welcomes 22 New Leaders

The Virginia State Bar Council has 22 new members from across the Commonwealth whose terms will begin July 1, 2023, as well as three at-large members appointed by the Supreme Court of Virginia. Additionally, effective July 1, 2023, the VSB will have a new president, president-elect, and immediate past president. The new leadership is as follows:

Judicial Circuit and Name

1st                Damian J. (“D. J.”) Hansen
2nd               Jeremiah A. (“Jake”) Denton IV
2nd               Bretta M. Z. Lewis
4th               Caswell W. Richardson
7th               Patrick C. Murphrey
9th               Susan B. Tarley
10th             Edgar M. (“E. M.”) Wright, Jr.
11th             Dale W. Pittman
13th             Jonathan M. Petty
14th             William J. (“Will”) Egen
14th             Joel R. McClellan
15th             Allen F. Bareford
18th             Sebastian M. Norton
19th             Susan M. Butler
19th             Chidinma U. Harley
19th             Paul H. Melnick
19th             Luis A. Perez
19th             Gina L. Schaecher
19th             Gobind S. Sethi
20th             Marie E. Washington
24th             Hope R. Townes
25th             David B. (“Brian”) Richardson

The new at-large members are:

Molly Newton
Lonnie D. “Chip” Nunley III
Lisa A. Wilson

2023-24 Officers                                       

President Chidi I. James
President-Elect Michael M. York
Immediate Past President Stephanie E. Grana