Third District Committee – Section II

Judicial Circuits represented: 6th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th

Full NamePositionAddress of RecordTerm StartTerm End
Meredith Macdonald HaynesChairWilliams Mullen 200 S 10th St Ste 1600 Richmond, VA 23219 UNITED STATES7/1/20226/30/2025COMMITTEE/3-2:81695:3851355HAYNES, MEREDITH
Guy Cameron CrowgeyVice ChairCrowgey & Associates 1108 E Main St Ste 600 Richmond, VA 23219-3535 UNITED STATES7/1/20226/30/2025COMMITTEE/3-2:46089:3851384CROWGEY, GUY
Eric Harrison FeilerSecretaryWhiteford 1021 E Cary St Ste 1700 Richmond, VA 23219-4000 UNITED STATES7/1/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/3-2:62227:3851389FEILER, ERIC
Matthew Garrett HowellsMemberOffice of the Attorney General 202 North 9th Street Richmond, VA 23219 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2026COMMITTEE/3-2:89604:3844014HOWELLS, MATTHEW
Brielle Marie HuntMemberPhelan Petty PLC 3315 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23230 UNITED STATES7/1/20226/30/2025COMMITTEE/3-2:89090:3798119HUNT, BRIELLE
Julie Ellen McConnellMemberUniversity of Richmond School of Law 203 Richmond Way Richmond, VA 23173 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2026COMMITTEE/3-2:62506:3844033MCCONNELL, JULIE
David Anthony StockMemberOffice of the Attorney General 202 N. 9th St Richmond, VA 23219 UNITED STATES7/1/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/3-2:62753:32421STOCK, DAVID
Vanessa GriggsLay Member9400 Paigefield Ct Henrico, VA 23229-6259 UNITED STATES7/1/20236/30/2026COMMITTEE/3-2:580153:3843426GRIGGS, VANESSA
Randi Chudakoff NagelLay Member12625 Eagle Ridge Rd Henrico, VA 23233 UNITED STATES7/1/20216/30/2024COMMITTEE/3-2:94400:38022NAGEL, RANDI
David Q. RobinsonLay Member 7/1/20226/30/2025COMMITTEE/3-2:573582:3798120ROBINSON, DAVID