Annual Meeting

The Diversity Conference participates in CLE and events at the Virginia State Bar Annual Meeting. Check out the most recent articles below:

Annual Meeting Mentors Needed 2024

Posted on 5/1/2024
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: The Diversity Conference needs you to help make this year's Annual Meeting a success for 15 Virginia law students/mentees!

Implicit Bias and How It Affects the Practice of Law

Posted on 4/30/2024
The 2023 Forum opened with a discussion of how words and thoughts can turn clients away from you without you even knowing it. See the jury selection and employment implications of implicit bias.

Best Practices and Encouraging a Culture of Diversity– Improving Diversity in the Legal Profession

Posted on 4/30/2024
The panel discussed issues with hiring, retaining, and promoting diverse individuals in law firm settings including providing best practices for corporate and law firm DEi programs.

Merit, Admissions, and the Supreme Court

Posted on 4/29/2024
Merit, Admissions, and the Supreme Court: An Annual Meeting Discussion of What's to Come and What to Do - View the predictions and thoughts of the panel on the implications of Students for Fair Admission case, made weeks before the decision.

Racial Reconciliation and Civil Rights -Ethical Duties

Posted on 4/29/2024
Racial Reconciliation and Civil Rights -Ethical Duties - The Forum's final panel reviewed the ethical duties lawyers have in relation to civil rights cases including jury selection and employment considerations.

Annual Meeting Review: 101 Years of the 19th Amendment

Posted on 9/10/2021
It has been only 101 years since the 19th amendment was passed by Congress on June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920 granting women the right to vote.

Meet the New Members of the Board of Governors

Posted on 9/10/2021
The Diversity Conference also welcomes its new Board members, whose terms started at the end of the VSB Annual Meeting in June.

Juneteenth and the Official End of Slavery in the United States

Posted on 9/10/2021
o date, 47 states and the District of Columbia recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday or ceremonial holiday and many businesses such as Target, Nike, and the National Football League have declared Juneteenth a holiday for their employees.

Annual Meeting Review: Mentorship Today

Posted on 9/10/2021
The old notion of quaint visits in the office for mentoring no longer is the norm. COVID-19 transitioned many lawyers to working at home or even remotely. However, mentoring is not dead, it just looks different.