The PhD Project: Building A Stronger, More Diverse Workforce. Together.

Posted on 12/16/2022
The PhD Project addresses a hidden barrier to workforce diversity: the lack of diversity among college professors.

Make Justice Available to Autistic Individuals

Posted on 3/3/2022
Whether intentionally or negligently, we have failed to create administrative and judicial systems willing to believe and sufficiently accommodate disabled individuals.

Dunnaville Award and Board of Governors Nominations Open

Posted on 3/2/2022
We need volunteers (YOU!) for leadership roles on the Diversity Conference Board of Governors, including lawyers, honorary judicial members, and even lay (non-lawyer) members. Please consider volunteering.

Wellness-Agni for Legal Professionals

Posted on 3/2/2022
Agni is the Sanskrit word for fire. In my last article I discussed Agni and digestion. Today we will explore the role that Agni plays in the legal profession.