Appellate Advocacy

Your clients have the right to appeal their trial verdicts to the appellate level but do you know how to advocate in front of these courts? Join the Honorable Margaret Spencer, a current Circuit Court Judge and former Department of Justice attorney to hear her tips and basics for a successful appeal.

Faculty: Hon. Margaret Spencer, City of Richmond Circuit Court

  • The Basics (5:01)
  • Meaning of Appellate Advocacy (6:49)
  • Comply with Court Rules (7:59)
  • E-Filing (13:31)
  • Know the Facts (15:16)
  • Know the Law (18:18)
  • Assignments of Error (21:05)
  • Write an Appealing Brief (22:30)
  • Oral Arguments (28:03)
  • Keeping the Big Picture in Mind (29:34)
  • Be Considerate (31:20)