Client Interviewing

First impressions matter, especially with clients. A good initial client interview can set up a productive and positive attorney-client relationship. Learn how to design your process to get exactly what you want out of a potential client to set up the best relationship possible. Enjoy this 45 minute video with Mark Chinn, a family law attorney from Jackson, Mississippi.


  • 2:00 Why should you brand your practice?
  • 3:46 Purpose of Initial Interview
  • 6:00 Setting up the interview/Designing the Form
  • 10:20 Defining length of interview
  • 12:50 Recording Interview/Tips for the Contracts
  • 19:05 Tip on Contacting the Client
  • 22:00 Taking Over a Case from Another Attorney
  • 24:05 Preparing Pleadings
  • 26:10 The Service Element/Defining the Mission and Objective
  • 30:00 Warn Client about the Law
  • 34:00 Counseling/Condemnation
  • 35:57 Social Networking
  • 37:30 Discussing Accounts
  • 39:35 Surveillance/Recording Warnings
  • 43:30 Summary/Ending the Interview

    Faculty: Mark Chinn, Chinn and Associates, PC, Jackson, MS