Civility and the Courtroom

Your behavior in a courtroom is not always about getting the best for your client now but also setting up for victory for your future clients. Keeping your cool and treating everyone with respect and dignity builds your reputation the right way. Join this panel of three judges who discuss behavior, integrity, and best practices for practicing in the courtroom and beyond. This 45-minute presentation is from the First Day in Practice Seminar on March 1, 2013.

  • What is Civility? (3:56)
  • Discovery Disputes (8:52)
  • Civility in Practice/Reputation (12:00)
  • Working within Ethics and Professionalism (19:00)
  • Facing Crises/Trouble (25:10)
  • General District Court Point of View (27:00)
  • Respecting the Court and its Staff (39:00)
  • Staying in Touch (44:45)
  • The Honorable Margaret Spencer, Richmond, VA
  • The Honorable Jacqueline Talevi, Roanoke County, VA
  • The Honorable Denis Soden, Henrico County, VA