October 2, 2023

Senior Lawyers Conference Premieres Film for Litigators

Civility and Professionalism video thumbnail.The Senior Lawyers Conference of the Virginia State Bar has released Civility and Professionalism in a Successful Litigation Practice—Mentorship from the Bench and Bar, a film project in coordination with the VSB Litigation Section and the Virginia Law Foundation

The film includes practical advice from the Hon. S. Bernard Goodwyn, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, and other distinguished jurists as well as VSB President Chidi I. James and other respected trial lawyers, about the role and importance of civility and professionalism in conducting a successful litigation practice while achieving the best results for clients, in and out of the courtroom. 

Chief Justice Goodwyn has commended the film as an “important resource for understanding a lawyer’s role and responsibilities as an advocate for their clients and as an officer of the court.” 
President James called the film an “amazing and intimate discussion about the intersection of Ethics and Professionalism. The comments and stories shared are insightful, authentic, and inspiring.” 
Legal ethics expert Tom Spahn said, “This professionally produced, entertaining video shows that courtesy does not reflect a lawyer’s weakness, but instead helps ensure that lawyer’s success—in the courtroom and at the negotiation table—while helping uplift all lawyers’ public standing.” 
The one-hour film is available on the VSB YouTube channel without charge for non-commercial, educational purposes. Please note: Watching the YouTube release will not earn MCLE credit, but a version eligible for MCLE credit will be released soon and uploaded to the VSB’s Go to Webinar platform, where attendance can be tracked and MCLE credit granted. In addition, a longer version of the film eligible for a full two-hours of MCLE Ethics credit is planned for release in 2024.