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Whether you are an experienced practitioner looking to brush up on other areas of real estate law or a recent law school graduate looking to find out more about real property law, the Virginia State Bar Real Property Section Membership Committee has a presentation for you!

We have put together video productions from highly esteemed members of the Real Property Section to share our knowledge and advice. The membership committee has plans to release more than six presentations a year from “dirt” lawyers who have seen it all.

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Title Insurance

Video 1: Kay Creasman on Residential Property Law

Kay Creasman discusses what it’s like to work as a lawyer in the title insurance industry, including helping clients get a title policy, title searches, and title commitments.

Video 2: Kevin Pogoda on Residential Property Law

Kevin Pogoda discusses the genesis of title insurance and the four basic protections of owner’s title insurance: ownership, liens, access, and marketability.

Video 3: Creasman-Pogoda Joint Session

Creasman and Pogoda discuss how title insurance is different from settlement services and how attorneys structure their practice in the industry to fit their goals and financial interests. The information covered includes different attorney roles and the Virginia statute, Real Estate Settlements Agents (RESA).

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