Welcome to the Diversity Conference

diversity conference logoThe Diversity Conference was established in 2010 to bring together VSB members interested in increasing diversity in the legal profession and in ensuring that Virginia meets the legal needs of an increasingly diverse population. The Diversity Conference’s mission is to foster and encourage diversity in admission to the bar and advancement in the profession and the judiciary, to serve as a catalyst for creating professional leadership and bar service opportunities in the legal profession in Virginia, and to work to ensure that the legal system is responsive to the changing legal needs of the people of Virginia.

Our Goals

  • Increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.
  • Maintain the quality of legal services in Virginia.
  • Increase diversity and inclusion at all levels of the judiciary.
  • Increase advancement of diverse individuals in the profession.
  • Increase involvement of diverse lawyers in VSB governance.
  • Provide a forum to assist the profession and judiciary in addressing the legal needs of a diverse population.

Join the Conference

Sign to your Member Portal from the top right corner of any VSB webpage to join the Diversity Conference through your Member Participation tab.

Upcoming Events

 VSB-Sponsored Free and Low-cost CLE Webinars - ongoingVarious, VAWEB12345
May 29   |2024 VSB Annual MeetingVirginia Beach, VA053024AM
May 31   |Diversity Conference Meeting, Lunch, & Awards PresentationVirginia Beach, VA053124DV
Jul 07   |Oliver Hill/Samuel Tucker Pre-Law InstituteRichmond, VA070724DV

What's New?

Annual Meeting Mentors Needed 2024

Posted on 5/1/2024
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: The Diversity Conference needs you to help make this year's Annual Meeting a success for 15 Virginia law students/mentees!

Board of Governors Nominees 2024–27 Term

Posted on 5/1/2024
The chair of the Diversity Conference Board of Governors pursuant to Section 6.2 of its bylaws, announces the nominees for the Board of Governors.

Implicit Bias and How It Affects the Practice of Law

Posted on 4/30/2024
The 2023 Forum opened with a discussion of how words and thoughts can turn clients away from you without you even knowing it. See the jury selection and employment implications of implicit bias.

Best Practices and Encouraging a Culture of Diversity– Improving Diversity in the Legal Profession

Posted on 4/30/2024
The panel discussed issues with hiring, retaining, and promoting diverse individuals in law firm settings including providing best practices for corporate and law firm DEi programs.

Racial Reconciliation and Civil Rights -Ethical Duties

Posted on 4/29/2024
Racial Reconciliation and Civil Rights -Ethical Duties - The Forum's final panel reviewed the ethical duties lawyers have in relation to civil rights cases including jury selection and employment considerations.